Midcoast Umpire 
Association of Maine

Serving Knox  Lincoln and Waldo Counties

The History of the 
Midcoast Umpire Associaton

In 1956, the Knox Lincoln Waldo Umpire Association was formed for the purpose of providing trained, certified baseball officials for area schools and leagues.  The four umpires considered to be the founding charter members were Ed Erickson, Bernie Thompson, Earl Barter and Frank Shields.

Within two years, membership doubled to eight umpires, with the addition of Clarence Leonard, Jim Mayo, Austin Kinney and Alden Watts.  Meetings would be held at a member's home, with meetings being as much social events as being focused on business.

During its initial years, membership dues were $5 annually, with game fees set not to exceed $10 per game for high school assignments.  The Association was also responsible for covering Twilight and Pony League schedules.

In the late 1960s, the Association officially became a dual organization, by representing both baseball and softball umpires.  Our board continues to be one of the few boards known in Maine to continue in this fashion.

The Association has continued to evolve, including a name change to the Midcoast Umpire Association in 2014 to better represent our region of service.  

Our association is proud of its heritage and its commitment to providing quality, trained baseball and softball officials to local schools and teams.